31.01.07: Dashboard widget released.
05.10.06: Opera Widgets version released.
04.09.06: JMPalm version 1.3 released.
01.08.06: JMPalm version 1.2 released.

Download JMPalm 1.3.0
Download JMPocket 1.0.1
Download Opera Widget
Download Dashboard Widget 1.0

Welcome to jugglemaster.net, the official home of JuggleMaster for Palm OS and Pocket PC. Here, you can download the latest versions of JMPalm, the Palm OS version of JuggleMaster and JMPocket, the Pocket PC version of JuggleMaster. jugglemaster.net includes resources for the original JuggleMaster as well.

Latest news:

  • 31.01.07: Dashboard Widget version of JuggleMaster released along with a new version of the Opera Widget.
  • 05.10.06: Opera Widgets version of JuggleMaster released. See widgets.opera.com. Uses new port of JMLib to JavaScript.
  • 04.09.06: JMPalm version 1.3 is now released. New in this version is that the siteswap being juggled is shown on screen.
  • 01.08.06: JMPalm version 1.2 is now released. JMPalm has also become Open source. See http://www.icculus.org/jugglemaster/ for details on how to get the source code.
  • 31.08.04: JuggleMaster is now Open Source, which means that anyone wishing to create a JuggleMaster version of their own is welcome to do so. Go to the developer page for more information, or go directly to http://www.icculus.org/jugglemaster/ for the main development page.
  • 31.08.03: Portable JuggleMaster for Windows/MacOS/Linux etc. released by Gary Briggs. It is based on the wxWidgets toolkit, which enables it to run on several different platforms. Go to http://www.icculus.org/jugglemaster/ for downloading and for more info.

Any inquiries regarding JMPalm, JMPocket, JMLib and this webpage should be directed to the address <jm - at - jugglemaster.net>. For questions about other versions of JuggleMaster, please refer to the respective authors.