31.01.07: Dashboard widget released.
05.10.06: Opera Widgets version released.
04.09.06: JMPalm version 1.3 released.
01.08.06: JMPalm version 1.2 released.

Download JMPalm 1.3.0
Download JMPocket 1.0.1
Download Opera Widget
Download Dashboard Widget 1.0

The original version of JuggleMaster is for DOS. It was written by Ken Matsuoka, and was released in 1995.

JuggleMaster has since been ported to several different platforms, some of which are listed below:

JavaScript version (by Per Johan Groland): This allows you to run JavaScript inside a browser. If you are interested in embedding JuggleMaster into your own web page, check the developer page.

Widget version (by Per Johan Groland): Currently runs as an Opera Widget, see here for details.

Multiplatform wxWidgets version (by Gary Briggs): Runs on Windows / MacOS / Linux etc. Go to http://www.icculus.org/jugglemaster/ to download.

Palm OS version (by Per Johan Groland): http://jugglemaster.net/?page=jmpalm

Pocket PC version (by Per Johan Groland): http://jugglemaster.net/?page=jmpocket

QT version for Sharp Zaurus (by Catstar): http://zaurus.catstar.org/jmqt/index_e.html

Older (outdated) ports are available for X-Windows (by Masuda Kazuyoshi), for Windows (JMWin ) and for MacOS (by Chris De Salvo). A Java applet has also been released, written by Yuji Konishi and Asanuma Nobuhiko. A new OS X version is in the works as well, see the developer page for more information