31.01.07: Dashboard widget released.
05.10.06: Opera Widgets version released.
04.09.06: JMPalm version 1.3 released.
01.08.06: JMPalm version 1.2 released.

Download JMPalm 1.3.0
Download JMPocket 1.0.1
Download Opera Widget
Download Dashboard Widget 1.0

JMPocket is a port of the juggling simulator JuggleMaster to Pocket PC. It currently runs only on Pocket PC (3.0) and Pocket PC 2002. Versions for H/PC and Windows CE 2.11 are also planned.

JMPocket was written by Per Johan Groland.

Here are some of the features of JMPocket:

  • Full support for siteswaps, this includes vanilla siteswap as well as synchronous and multiplexing siteswap.
  • Styles. For instance, a style defining how to juggle a pattern as a Mills' Mess is defined.
  • Support for the full JuggleMaster pattern library. JMPalm can do every possible and impossible trick.
  • Enter any siteswap and have JMPocket juggle it. Siteswaps are insantly verified as you type them.
  • Turn the juggler on and off (glo-ball feature)
  • Fully configurable color support. Change the color of the juggler and the balls.
  • Quick pattern browser for quickly and painlessly browsing through the pattern library.