31.01.07: Dashboard widget released.
05.10.06: Opera Widgets version released.
04.09.06: JMPalm version 1.3 released.
01.08.06: JMPalm version 1.2 released.

Download JMPalm 1.3.0
Download JMPocket 1.0.1
Download Opera Widget
Download Dashboard Widget 1.0

This page contains an up-to-date list of bugs, quirks and missing features in JMPocket.

If you find a bug that's not on this list, please consider reporting it to me. Before you do that, please make sure that you have the latest available version of JMPocket. If you don't have the latest version, download it to see if the bug has been fixed.

  • The buttons in Enter Siteswap for inserting siteswap symbols (parenthesis comma etc.) behave oddly
  • The dialog header for the color selection dialog is displayed incorrectly
  • The MacDonalds pattern is displayed incorrectly