31.01.07: Dashboard widget released.
05.10.06: Opera Widgets version released.
04.09.06: JMPalm version 1.3 released.
01.08.06: JMPalm version 1.2 released.

Download JMPalm 1.3.0
Download JMPocket 1.0.1
Download Opera Widget
Download Dashboard Widget 1.0

Question: How can I make JMPocket juggle other patterns than the basic 3-ball cascade.

Answer: In the file menu, you can select either "Enter Siteswap" to enter a siteswap for JMPocket to juggle, or "Select Pattern" to select from the built-it patterns.

Question: JMPocket runs slowly on my device.

Answer: First, select Edit->Preferences to go to the preferences dialog. There, you will see a setting for speed, try to increase the speed and then press OK. If this doesn't work, please send me a mail stating the type of Pocket PC you have and what version of PPC it runs.